Airstream Bambi 22

The Airstream Bambi 22 is the largest model in the Airstream Bambi series. With its 5.7 metre body length and 7 metre overall length, it offers space for 2-3 people, a side seating area and a spacious rear bathroom. Starting with the 1.4-metre-wide bed in the front and the 98-cm-wide convertible seating group, through the kitchen with 2-burner hob and refrigerator to the spacious rear bathroom with separate shower, flush toilet, air conditioning and TV, everything you need for a luxurious camping holiday is on board as standard. With 102 litres of fresh water, 105 litres of grey water, 68 litres of black water and 2x95A on-board batteries, the Bambi 22 is also very good for self-sufficient use.
The Airstream Bambi 22 is being converted at Airstream Germany for registration in Europe.

Dimensions and weights:
The Airstream 16 has a body length of approx. 5.7 m and a width of 2.5 m. In the version offered in Europe, it will have an unladen weight of approx. 2000 kg and a gross vehicle weight of 2500 kg. The drawbar load is approx. 130 kg.

Standard equipment:
The Airstream 22 offers up to 3 sleeping berths, a bathroom with separate shower cubicle and a flush toilet. The extensive standard equipment includes a large refrigerator, a 2-burner cooker and air conditioning.
The capacity of the fresh water tank is 102 l, the waste water tank 105 l and the black water 68 l.

Further information
Technical data
Technical data: Airstream Bambi 22 after EU conversion
Sleeping capacity 2+1
Fixed double bed in front 2311 x 1370 mm
Convertible seat group 1900 x 970 mm
Total length 7000mm
Interiour length 6000mm
Exteriour width 2486mm
Interiour width 2326mm
Exterior height with air conditioning 2880mm
Maximum headroom 1990mm
Permissible total weight 2500kg
Tare weight in basic equipment 2000Kg
Max. payload 400kg
Tongue weight approx. 90kg
Maximum drawbar load 150kg
Coupling height 450mm
Chassis and Shell  
Surface Aluminium coated with clear lacquer
Wall insulation 60mm Knauff Ecobatt
Chassis painted Airstream chassis with Knott 1900KG axle
Coupling Winterhoff WS3000 stabiliser
Tyres 225/70R15C
Water and waste water  
Fresh water 87 litres
Waste water 79 litres
Refrigerator Dometic 85 litres
Cooker 2 Burners
Air conditioning system Air conditioner with heating element
Heating Gas Heater Air Blower
Water heater Gas water heater