Winter camping with a Airstream?

This question is frequently asked by prospects when they look at the iconic silver bullet first time.
Even if Airstream does not officially fulfil and winter camping standards, winter camping with a European Airstream model is for sure a great experience. The semi monocoque shell of the Airstreams is insulated with a 60mm Knauf Eco Bat mat which is compressed to 40mm between the inside and outside skin. To avoid thermal bridges, all profiles are insulated with a sealing tape. The floor is insulated with a 40 mm thick hard foam. This design results in a very homogeneous shell which has been tested for many decades in both winter and summer.

All European Airstreams come with a hydronic heating system

In the USA and Europe, most have a simple blower heating. This heating systems produce warm air with the help of electricity or gas and distribute it with several outlets in the vehicle. The fan and burner always turn on and off resulting in fluctuations in temperature and a significant noise nuisance.

In the Airstream European models, which were specially developed for the European market, Airstream uses a from the Swedish company Alde. These heating systems are operated with water, just like at home, are quieter and more even, and cover the entire room.

The heat source comprises an LPG boiler with a 230-volt immersion heater, which heats a liquid mixture consisting of water and glycol. Hot glycol water circulates around the system through radiators and pipes by means of a pump.

The convectors (small radiators) are located around the outer walls and heat the air passively. The air rises and heats walls and furniture. The rising warm air also forms an air barrier in front of the windows, which keeps the cold away and prevents condensation. When the warm air reaches the ceiling, it drops to the ground and is then heated again by the convectors.

LPG or electrics? You have a choice.

Water heaters offer the highest comfort in motorhomes. Without being noticed they offer warmth with quality. The boiler not only provides pleasant and quiet warmth, but also provides hot water for shower and kitchen. It can be operated with LPG, with electricity or in combination of both. On 230V olt electric power, a maximum of 3150 watts of heating power is available. On LPG gas operation even 5500 watts are available.

Hot water at your fingertips

The boiler of the Alde Comfort 3020 HE has a built-in water heater that provides hot water whenever you need it in the shower or kitchen. The water heater permanently holds approx. 15 l of ready-mixed hot water. Enough to take a hot shower and also to wash the dishes in the vehicle.




Simple operation with a touchscreen
All settings for the heating system are made on the control panel via the user-friendly menus on the touch screen. All key functions are available directly from the home page. Just like modern smart phones, the menu system is intuitive and easy to navigate. In addition, a remote control via an app on your mobile phone is possible.


Heating even while drivingWhat use is the best heating if you arrive with a completely cooled-down vehicle after several hours of driving in winter? All European Airstream models have a crash sensor, which allows the owner to operate the heating on LPG gas even while driving. As a result Airstream owners can enjoy a cuddly warm Airstream both on the road and at their destination without any warm up time.

Further additional options for winter camping available

In addition to the above hydronic heating system, Airstream offers additional options for winter camping. For example an insulated and heated sewer line, a Truma duo control for automatic switching between the LPG cylinders and an auxiliary heater for the LPG controller.

Tested and approved.

All European Airstream are designed by Airstream for operation down to-20 degrees and have been tested in a cooling chamber. As a practical test, Airstream and Land Rover sent a combo of a Range Rover Sport Hybrid and Airstream 684 to the Arctic Circle in Sweden in February 2015. The #HybridAdventure team has proven successfully that Airstreams are a reliable partner even at temperatures below -20 degrees

And last but not least, Airstream are used by many customers in winter. "Although some of our customers have no interest in winter camping at first, this often develops over time. The combination of a beautiful winter landscape in freezing cold and a cozy warm Airstream with its more than 20 genuine glass windows, is a very special experience. Most of our customers become inspired of winter camping by other Airstream owners and their positive experiences. "explains Armin Heun – Managing director of the European Airstream importer – Roka Werk.

Airstream Winter Camping.

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