Airstream Diner, Airstream Cocktail Bars and Airstream Promotion Vehicles
An Airstream is the eye-catcher at every event and roadshow. At trade fairs, an Airstream is a special crowd puller that even helps to save costs. Instead of expensive stand construction and high rental costs for furniture, with an Airstream you get a self-contained unit that can be set up and dismantled quickly.

On demand, we deliver our vehicles at trade fairs, build them up and instruct your staff.
In addition to pure rental, we also offer complete services for roadshows and events.
We will be happy to provide you with an offer tailored to your requirements.

Here you will find a few examples of our rental vehicles.
For more information, call +496471-50888-0 or info@roka-werk.de


Airstream Diner XL with dining room
The Airstream Diner is based on an American design - icon combined with an uncompromised high-quality, sophisticated interior design by ROKA.. The Airstream Diner XL is the flagship our commercial Airstream fleet and the eye-catcher for every event!



  • Roast Grill 1000 x 435 mm (5 Grillzones)
  • Electric double fryer
  • Electric french fries heater
  • Electric Bain Marie GN 1/1
  • Preparation table 5 x 1/3 GN
  • Exhaust hood with 2 extractors, controller and ilumination
  • 1 x freezer
  • 2 x undercounter refrigerators
  • Tall refrigerator with glass door
  • Guest room with surounding food board
  • Lockable cash drawer
  • Garbage Bin
  • Fusion sound system
  • Awning Zipdee
  • Water supply ( canister / fresh water)
  • Double sinks with hot water
  • Glass sneeze guard on customer side
  • Blackboard above exhaust hood
Energy supply :
Current 400 V / 32 A
Gas 4 x 11 KG
Dimensions :
Total length 8200 mm
Body length 6800 mm
Body width 2500 mm
Width open 3500 mm
Weight :
Unladen weight in basic equipment approx. 2500 kg
Gross vehicle weight 2680 kg
Support load 80 - 150 kg
Price on demand
Frank Martin
+49 (0) 6471 50888-4134



Airstream Diner One
The Airstream Diner One offers a high quality kitchen equipment which is suitable for fast food products and creative street food dishes. To sell beverages sufficient cooling is available. The Icon can be towed even with relatively small towing vehicles due to its low weight. On site it is ready to go within minutes.


  • Gas Grill Grill 4 Grill zones half/half griddle and roast grill
  • Electric double fryer (16 kW)
  • Electric french fries heater
  • Gas Bain Marie
  • Undercounter refrigerator with stainless steel front 142 litres each
  • Freezer 349 litres
  • Counter top hood with extractor and ilumination
  • French fries drawer
  • Double sink with tank system or full hookup
  • Preparation Table with 3 x GN 1/3-150 mm and refrigerated compartments GN 1/1 underneath
  • 3x Iluminated displays Size A 3
  • 10 x low-voltage spotlights in ceiling
  • Cough guard / spit guard
  • Garbage Bin
  • Easy Clean Floor
  • Interior design in wood, decorative Red
  • 8 x Power Sockets
  • Customer counter and rear countertop in stainless steel
Energy supply :


  • Electrical distribution 400 V / 32 A
  • LPG 2 x 11 kg

Dimensions :

  • Total length: 6500 mm
  • Body length 5340 mm
  • Body width 2500 mm
  • Width open: 3500 mm
  • Height: 2800 mm

Weight :

  • Unladen weight in basic equipment: 1,800 kg
  • Gross vehicle weight: 1,900 kg
  • Support load: 80 / 150 kg
Price on demand
Frank Martin
+49 (0) 6471 50888-4134