Finance your Airstream with our partner Lease Force

Over 50% of all motorhomes and caravans are now fully or partially financed. You too can finance or lease your Airstream camper conveniently and easily with our Lease Force.

A few reasons why it make sense to finance your Airstream

Get started immediately and make the most of your life's travel time!
With financing, you can use your vehicle immediately and pay for it during the period of use. After all, our life travel time is not infinite!

Secure your liquidity
Even if you could pay for your Airstream in full, you should consider financing it to ensure your liquidity for other unforeseen expenses.

Hardly any product will be cheaper while you save for it
Right now, there is little difference between the cost of flexible vehicle financing and the general price increase. In other words, what you save in interest while saving on your Airstream is often offset by the price increase.

High residual value brings security for investment
Demand for used Airstreams is significantly higher than supply. Accordingly, the residual values are high. We are also happy to help you sell your Airstream or take it in trade.

As of now, we also offer leasing for private individuals through our partner Lease Force.

What is the advantage of leasing for individuals?

- Low use of equity capital
- Planning security through fixed monthly installments
- Maturities allow the greatest possible flexibility
- Unforeseeable risks are borne by the leasing company
- VAT remains identifiable.

In the case of traditional financing, VAT is paid to the tax office at the time of purchase and cannot be deducted at the time of resale. In the case of leasing, the lessor enters into the contract as the buyer for the customer. This means that VAT can still be deducted for the resale. Airstream vehicles with VAT deductible generally achieve a better resale value. You decide at the end of the term whether to sell your Airstream or take it off lease.

What is the procedure ?
We will be happy to advise you on our models and equipment options and provide you with a quote.
In a further step, we establish contact with our leasing partner Lease Force.
Here you will be advised on options such as quantity, term and residual value.
If you like the offer, Lease Force will issue a financing commitment and we will send you an order confirmation for signature.
The consultation in our house and by Lease Force is of course free of charge.

For further information, please contact us or our partner Lease Force.

You can reach our under +496471-50888-4130 or info@airstream-germany.de

For more information on the Lease Force, click here: www.leaseforce.de